Real World Experience

Marketing Research


Problem:  Client thinks they know what the customer wants.  Do they?

Solutions: I've written more nearly 50 reports after conducting focus groups, quantitative research, or secondary research.  It is invaluable to a company to understand the customer experience and through my work major products/services have been advertised nationally with precision.

My work has been used by other Advertising Agencies and their Fortune 500 Clients.

Marketing - Advertising


Problem: Client has 3 months to make a national impact, they have no brand or strategy.  But, they got me!

Solution: Get your team to buy in and put their pieces of the puzzle into make a masterpiece, by synergistically putting together a new branding campaign, investor collateral, TV/Radio Commercials, Digital Marketing, and Sponsoring a NASCAR team.  To top it off nationally televised interviews with the CEO and regional newspaper coverage.

Marketing - B2C


Problem: Unique, High Margin, but needs to be explained.  Where to go?

Solution:  Create Full-Blown eCommerce Site, Social Media, Marketing Plan and combine it with a Retail Plan.  Launch product in over 50 retail outlets then begin Costco and Sam's Club Roadshows.  Each Costco location contributed $10k/day and reinforced all other sales channels.  The success of this product line launched other categories including.  Health, Exercise, and Home Décor.

Strategy - Out of the Box


Problem:  Client isn't hitting 90% of their Service Level Agreements, costing more than $1 Million in lost income.  The process is broken?

Solution: When I was told 230 FedEx packages arrive daily at 10:30AM, I called the FedEx Rep and had FedEx deliver packages at 6AM (not 10:30AM) saving 4+ hours per day and achieving 90% SLA (saving millions).  And, yes we did fix the process, as well.

While this wasn't a marketing problem, it shows the "out of the box" thinking and how asking simple, "why? how? what?" questions can dramatically improve the bottom line.

Strategy - Profitable Value


Problem: Competition has wiped out most (if not all) margins.  Hmm, maybe we are marketing the wrong thing?

Solution: Look at all the products we can sell, using analytics determine which ones have the highest margin vs. least competition.  Project was done using Google Analytics, Comparative Analysis, and Experience.  The result was creating $1 Million/year in Net Profit, by marketing the product no one wanted to sell.  Eventually, wiped out the competition in the product category and were actually able to increase profit margins more by focusing sales back to eCommerce platform by making the brand and the product synonymous.

Strategy - The Enchilada


Problem: Grow 3 person biotech business into 50 employees within 5 years. And, you have to do it with $0 investment.

Solution: Learn sales, Learn Medical Terminology, Learn Voice of Customer, Relearn Sales, Develop Marketing Sell Sheets, Acquire more customers, Rebrand the company, Create Website and Digital Marketing, Learn Technical Operations, Learn Detailed Customer Service, Develop HR Team, Get Financing, Replicate Sales Team, Hire Reps from Largest Competitor, Full-Blown Marketing job (Digital, Print, Media, etc.) and finally, climb out of $300k/mo. loss.

Done. Done. and Done.